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Phong trào Rael

Sensual Meditation CD

We are linked to the infinity inside and around us through our senses. So by developing our sensuality, we can increase our connection with infinity and attain the realisation that we are infinity ourselves. Sensual Meditation allows us to awaken our minds by awakening our bodies. The first and most important of the six meditations (which can also be found on the other CD containing all six basic meditations) is designed to harmonise energies circulating within our bodies, and enhance our experience of sounds, fragrances, tastes, caresses and particularly a sexuality enjoyed with all our senses. This when practised along with the other five meditations, enables us to discover the cosmic orgasm, infinite and absolute, which illuminates the mind by linking simultaneously with the external universes that we are part of and those internal universes of which we are composed.
Mã hàng: 312
giá cả: 11.00