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Phong trào Rael

Hội thảo: Châu Mỹ


Gửi tiền


Please make your room reservation and payment directly with the person mentioned below, indicating that you wish to attend the Raelian Happiness Academy:

Betzaida Cabrera
Events coordinator
Hotel Alex
Rif. J-29827354-2

Whatsapp: +584127072153

[bThe Rooms - pricing:[/b]
Please be advised that these prices are not final and may vary due to the instability of the Venezuelan currency in relation to the US dollar.

Single bed - 50 USD per night/per person

Double bed - 28.50 USD per night/per person.

4 beds – 15 USD per night/per person.
01 Queen bed + 01 sofa-bed fitting 2 people.