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Phong trào Rael

Hội thảo: Châu Phi


Thời gian; Địa điểm

The awakening seminar:
The awakening seminar is self-achievement training. With the teaching of Raël, you will make your life a rainbow of happiness. This seminar is opened to anyone (raelian or non raelian). It will be held from Tuesday 22nd to Saturday 26th of August 75 AH (2020).

The guide seminar:
The guide seminar is only open to those who have read the message of Elohim and want to help Raël in his great mission: spreading the message all over the world and building an embassy to welcome the extraterrestrials. It will be held from Sunday 27th at 08 am to Monday 28th of August 75 AH (2020).

Registrations will be taking place by Monday 21st August at 08 am at Odziba.