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Phong trào Rael

Hội thảo: Châu Phi


Thời gian; Địa điểm

The awakening seminar:
The awakening seminar is training for self-achievement. With the teaching by Raël, you will be seventh heaven. Every body (both raelians and non raelians) can attend. It will be taking place from Monday 2nd September at 08 am to Friday 6th September 74AH (2019), that’s during 5 days.

The guide seminar:
The guides’ seminar is for those who have read the message of Elohim and want to help Raël in his great mission: spreading that message all over the world and building an embassy to welcome those extraterrestrials very soon. It will be taking place from Sunday 6th at 08 am to Wednesday 11th September 74 AH (2019), that’s during 4 days.

Registrations will be taking place by Sunday 1st September at 08 am at the camp.