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Phong trào Rael

Hội thảo: Oceania



The schedule below gives only some guidelines which may change according to the requirements of
some activities.
First day - Sat 27th January: Registration in the afternoon (2pm-6pm) and start of the seminar at 8 pm.
2nd-6th day -
Sun 28th January/Friday 2nd February:
9 - 9.30 am: Meditation
9.45 am ~ 12.30 pm: Courses & Meditations
12.30pm - 2pm Lunch break
2 - 3.30 pm: Various options of activities
3.45 ~ 6.30 pm: Courses & Meditations
6.30pm - 8.15pm dinner break
8.15 ~ 10.15 pm: Evening activities/meditations

Last day - Sat 3rd Feb: Cleanup and packup.
~10-11am: Departure.