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Phong trào Rael

Hội thảo: Châu Phi


Du lịch

How to reach Elohika:
Coming directly to Burkina Faso
From Paris, direct flight to Ouagadougou, the political capital city of Burkina Faso. Ask your travel agency for information.
From Ouagadougou to Bobo-Dioulasso (360 km), you are given several opportunities:
- By air (Air Burkina),
- By regular bus (with no air conditioning). There many trips per day. Possible to travel together with some other raelians,
- By luxurious bus (with air conditioning).
NB: a welcoming committee will be waiting for you at the airport of Ouagadougou if only if you have previously sent your registration.

Coming by Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
From European capital cities (Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Geneva) and North American cities (Montreal, New York...).
From Abidjan to Bobo-Dioulasso and to Ouagadougou, many possibilities such as:
- By air,
- By bus: trip of about 800 km.
NB: A welcoming committee will be waiting for you if only if you previously sent your registration form.

From Bobo-Dioulasso to ELOHIKA:
This travel organized by the Coordination of the seminars for raelians of other continents than Kama (Africa): Cost: 500 FCFA (or 1€) per person per trip.