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Phong trào Rael

mục: Official Sites [Official Sites of the Raelian Movement] (20)

Rael Academy 4
Video archive of the teachings of Maitreya Rael. 5261
News related to the Raelian Movement
ProSwastika 1436
Get the facts about the Swastika.
Rael-Science-News English 2785
Scientific news related to the Raelian Messages. Database of all scientific articles posted up to date in English, plus links to Rael-Science news in other languages. 1500
Here you can listen to the Prophet Rael's vision of the news, his latest talks, to reports of the actions of the Raelian movement members, to talk shows and interviews of people who are changing the world and whom we support, to the songs of the Prophet himself and of Raelian artists who gave us their creations.
There is no God 4047
Information about Atheism, how to depabtize, etc.
Pro Rael 2672
An all french site, dedicated to dispelling the myths about the raelian movement that were created through negative french-media propoganda. 2252
A new universal calendar for all peoples regardless of country or faith 2649
All the information, hidden, censored or distorted by the establishment 1399
Information on how to apostatize one's church
The Maitreya 2288
Website providing proof that Rael is the awaited Maitreya of the Buddhist scriptures 1346
Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers 1044
Information on how to protect one's children from pedophile priests in accordance with the law. News, articles, updates.
Rael Africa 1146
Rael's Girls 3770
Rael's Girls is an Atheist Based website that seeks to share views of hope by reaching out in a non-judgmental way to those who wish to be a part of the Sex Industry.
Infidel Club 1837
Following the promotion of a UK website which “exposes cheating boyfriends” so that other women don’t date them, RAEL and the International Raelian Movement decided to launch the opposite of such a site:, which will promote, yes, infidelity!!
Clitoraid 1614
Restoring the sense of pleasure
Aramis 1017
Aramis (Raelian Association of Sexual Minorities) grew up thanks to a small group of Raelians wishing to share the philosophy that makes them happy and brings them to defend the rights of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender.
Pollution Rating System 113
Save the planet: impose the global pollution index